The benefits and properties of DUAL CEM resin dental cement

Cemento dental resinoso | Los beneficios y propiedades del cemento dental resinoso DUAL CEM

What sets DUAL CEM resin dental cement apart? In the following blog article, we will discuss its benefits and properties that position it as a relevant option in today’s dental market.

DUAL CEM is a dual-curing definitive cement used for cementing crowns, bridges, fiberglass posts, and dental inlays. Its unique formula provides both chemical and physical polymerization, ensuring a durable bond and precise placement. It is a versatile, resilient, and aesthetically pleasing option for dental procedures.


  • Highly radiopaque.
  • Excellent mechanical properties and strong adhesion.
  • Easy to handle and bubble-free.
  • Suitable for chemical and light-curing.
  • For crowns, bridges, fiberglass posts, and inlays.

Dual-curing for reliable polymerization

One of the most impressive features of DUAL CEM is its dual-curing capability. What does this mean in practical terms? It means that this dental cement can be cured (hardened) both chemically and through light-curing, ensuring complete and effective polymerization even in low-light conditions. This is useful in situations where lighting is limited, giving professionals the confidence that their work will be perfectly cemented and/or bonded as needed. 

Incomparable versatility

DUAL CEM is the perfect ally for a wide range of dental procedures. From cementing crowns and bridges to fixing fiberglass posts and inlays, this dental cement offers optimal bonding on a variety of surfaces, including lithium disilicate, metal, zirconia, and composite resin. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool in any dental office. 

Manageability and precision

When it comes to working in the patient’s mouth, ease of use and precision are key. DUAL CEM excels in both aspects thanks to its rheological properties that make it highly manageable. Furthermore, its dual-barrel syringe presentation ensures a precise mix of base and catalyst in a 1:1 ratio, without worrying about bubble formation.

With DUAL CEM, professionals can feel confident that they are using a product that facilitates their work and ensures exceptional results. (Simple and Easy philosophy)


Colors for impeccable aesthetics

We understand that aesthetics are crucial in modern dentistry. That’s why DUAL CEM is available in various colors (A1, A2, A3, and TRANSLUCENT), allowing professionals to select the shade that best suits each patient’s aesthetic needs.

In summary, Kiyomi Dental’s DUAL CEM is much more than just a dental cement; it is a complete and reliable solution for the most demanding cementation procedures. With its dual-curing capability, unparalleled versatility, manageability and precision, as well as a variety of colors for impeccable aesthetics, DUAL CEM sets a new standard in restorative dentistry.

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