Learn about the many benefits of applying gingival barriers for total or partial isolation of the gingiva during tooth whitening

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K-Dam is Kiyomi’s light-curing resin for total or partial gingival isolation. It is applied directly, does not drip, and has excellent sealing power thanks to its thixotropic properties.   

Also known as a liquid dam, it acts as a barrier without irritating the gingival tissues. It has a great capacity for light absorption and dimensional control. 

Benefits of using K-Dam as a gingival barrier

K-Dam is the perfect gingival barrier to protect the soft tissues during in-office tooth whitening.  

The use of resins that act as gingival barriers during whitening has numerous benefits to consider, as they ensure the safety and efficacy of the treatment. By protecting the gingival tissues, we avoid exposure of the gel in sensitive areas, minimizing adverse effects and improving the patient’s experience. 

The main benefits of K-Dam are:  

  1. Protects gums. The resin acts as a physical barrier that protects gums and soft tissues, avoiding irritation or possible burns that may be caused by hydrogen peroxide or carbamide when applied in the mouth.  

  2. Reduces tooth sensitivity. By avoiding direct contact of the whitening gel with the gums, the risk of tooth sensitivity is reduced.  

  3. Improves visibility. Thanks to the isolation of the operative field, direct vision and access to the working areas is improved, allowing the dentist to perform more precise whitening.  

  4. Precision in application. K-Dam acts as a delimiter of the working area, which results in a more precise application of the gel, avoiding its contact with the gums.  

  5. More satisfied patients. The use of barriers such as Kiyomi’s K-Dam provides safety and increases patient satisfaction.  

It also contributes to tissue protection during absolute isolation in other procedures, making it easier for the dentist to work more comfortably and optimizing his or her time. 

K-Dam step-by-step

The application of resin as a gingival barrier is an important procedure as it ensures adequate protection of gums and soft tissues. Following the steps correctly is essential to guarantee the results of the treatment. 

  • The first step is to thoroughly dry the gingiva and teeth in the area to be treated and then apply a layer of K-Dam over the gingiva and gingival papillae until they are fully protected. 

    The second step is to cure the resin with a curing light (KIRA, Kiyomi) for 20 to 30 seconds. 

At the end of the treatment, the cord should be removed with a spatula. It will come off easily. 

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K-Dam is particularly suitable for total soft tissue isolation in clinical tooth whitening treatments or dental microabrasion treatments. It is also used as an auxiliary isolation with high sealing power in absolute isolation of isolated parts. 

K-Dam by Kiyomi is marketed in a 2-gram syringe in blue color and comes with 5 application tips. You will only find it exclusively at IPG Dental, a depot specialized in products for aesthetic dentistry.