ASTER: The Microhybrid Composite Resin from Kiyomi Dental

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Are you looking for a reliable and versatile solution for your dental restorations? Then ASTER is the answer you’ve been searching for! Developed by Kiyomi Dental, ASTER is a microhybrid composite resin designed to deliver exceptional results in both direct and indirect restorations of anterior and posterior teeth.

When it comes to choosing the right material for dental restorations, it is crucial to consider not only efficacy but also long-term benefits. In this regard, ASTER shines, offering a range of advantages that make it the ideal choice for dental professionals: “Simple and Easy.” In this article, we provide all the details.

Key Features of ASTER:

Clinical Applications of ASTER Composite Resin:

ASTER excels not only in its superior technical features but also in its versatility in clinical applications. Whether for direct or indirect restorations of anterior and posterior teeth, diastema correction, incisal edge repositioning, or use in both permanent and deciduous teeth, ASTER proves to be a comprehensive solution for a wide range of dental needs.

Ergonomic and Practical Design:

For an optimal experience, ASTER features an ergonomic design adapted to the professional. The flip-top cap allows for easy and quick access to the material, while the airtight seal ensures the preservation of the resin between uses, optimizing its shelf life.

Variety of Colors and Presentations:

ASTER is available in several colors tailored to the specific needs of each patient and procedure. From 4-gram syringes in “simple and easy” colors to options with greater opacity in 2-gram presentations, ASTER offers a complete solution for all clinical situations.

In summary, ASTER from Kiyomi Dental combines innovation, performance, and versatility to provide exceptional results in every dental restoration.

Available on the IPG Dental e-commerce platform

Available on the IPG Dental e-commerce platform

You will find it exclusively at IPG Dental, a specialized depot for aesthetic and restorative dental products.

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