Completely colorless and with potentiated MDP, Kiyomi's universal adhesive simplifies the steps to follow, adhering to the premise of "simple and easy" dentistry.

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Dental adhesives have gained popularity in dentistry due to their versatility and ease of use. K-Bond+ Universal is Kiyomi’s light-cured universal adhesive for enamel and dentin with strong adhesive power for longer-lasting results. 

This revolutionary adhesive substance contains potentiated MDP (methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate) that enhances adhesion properties and its ability to bond to both dental structure and restorative materials. 

It has a colorless appearance, does not interfere with the aesthetics of the restoration and final cementation, making it appealing to both dentists and patients. 

Benefits of K-Bond+ Universal Adhesive by Kiyomi

Universal dental adhesives are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of restorative materials and dental surfaces, making them ideal for a broad range of clinical procedures. K-Bond+ Universal can be used for self-etch, selective etch, or total etch. 

Its versatility allows the dentist to use a single product for different types of restorations, thus simplifying the clinical process and reducing the need for multiple adhesives. 

K-Bond+ Universal meets Kiyomi’s standards of offering “simple and easy” products for simplified dentistry that optimizes the time of both the dentist and the patient. In this way, it facilitates the work of the professional, especially in complex procedures, anxious patients, and children.

Additionally, this adhesive contains potentiated MDP aimed at enhancing adhesion to dentin and dental enamel, as well as to restorative materials such as composite resins, ceramics, or metals. 

Why does the K-Bond+ Universal adhesive contain potentiated MDP in its formula?

Potentiated MDP is chemically stable, providing durable and resistant adhesion under adverse conditions such as humidity, temperature changes, or acidic pH. This results in longer-lasting restorations and a lower risk of secondary caries. 

K-Bond+ Universal helps reduce postoperative sensitivity thanks to potentiated MDP, as it seals dentinal tubules and protects the nerve from external stimuli such as cold and heat. 

Another strong benefit is its colorless appearance for a final aesthetic perfectly aligned with the selected color of the composite resin. Being colorless, K-Bond+ Universal does not tend to discolor the interface (tooth-restoration) over time or absorb pigments from food, beverages, or tobacco, maintaining the aesthetics of the restoration over time.

"Simple and Easy" Step-by-Step of K-Bond+ Universal

K-Bond+ Universal is indicated for all classes of direct restorations with composites, as well as for the adhesive cementation of prosthetic pieces and intraradicular posts, crowns, overlays, onlays, inlays, veneers, of any type of material such as ceramic, zirconia, resin, or metal. It can also be applied in adhesive repairs of ceramics or composite resins.

It is compatible with all kinds of dual, self, or light-cured cements. 

Furthermore, under the premise of a “simple and easy” procedure, this universal adhesive simplifies the step-by-step acid etching for any type of technique, whether it be total etching, selective enamel etching, or self-etching.

Available on IPG Dental's Ecommerce

K-Bond+ Universal by Kiyomi has primer + bond in the same 5 ml bottle, with a total of 352 drops. It is BPA-free and features a smart closure for increased security and reduced evaporation. 

You will find it exclusively at IPG Dental, a specialized depot in aesthetic dentistry products. 

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