Clinical Teeth-Whitening Case with K-Bleach 16%

caso clínico k-bleach 16% home clinical case

In the quest for a healthy and radiant smile, teeth-whitening has become a popular option to enhance dental aesthetics. In this article, we present a clinical case carried out by the team at Centro Integral E&M Sagunt, where the innovative product from Kiyomi Dental, the home-use whitening K-Bleach 16%, was applied to achieve remarkable and satisfactory results.

Clinical Case with K-Bleach 16%: Patient Background and Medical History

The patient, a 31-year-old man, visited the E&M Sagunt dental clinic with the desire to improve the aesthetics of his teeth due to their color.

The patient enjoyed good general health and had no relevant history in his dental records. Additionally, his habits, such as not smoking and moderating coffee and red wine consumption, contributed favorably to the good condition of his teeth.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan with K-Bleach 16% Teeth-Whitening

After a thorough clinical examination, mild to moderate extrinsic stains were diagnosed on both dental arches. A treatment plan was developed that included professional cleaning and home teeth-whitening with Kiyomi Dental’s K-Bleach 16% product.

During the first appointment, the initial color of the teeth was recorded, and a professional cleaning was performed. Impressions were taken to manufacture customized trays, and the first cycle of whitening was applied in the clinic, along with precise instructions to continue the treatment at home.

In the second appointment, the results and the general condition of the patient were reviewed. The final color of the teeth was recorded, showing a significant improvement in dental aesthetics.

K-Bleach 16%: Long-lasting and Effective Teeth-Whitening

After three weeks of home treatment, the patient experienced a notable improvement in the color of his teeth, achieving a younger and renewed smile. Additionally, thanks to its neutral pH formula, he did not report dental sensitivity, demonstrating the effectiveness and safety of K-Bleach 16%.

The patient was scheduled for a follow-up appointment three months later to evaluate the color stability and his satisfaction with the results. Regular maintenance visits every six months were recommended to preserve the long-term results.

Secure Lock without Product Leakage

K-Bleach 16% is a home-use teeth-whitening formulated with carbamide peroxide, designed for use under the supervision of a dentist.

With a large-capacity 3 ml syringe, the gel is evenly distributed in the customized trays, ensuring complete coverage of the dental surface. Additionally, its transport tip for easy application in the tray allows for simple handling of the gel, while the sealing cap ensures secure storage without losses, providing convenience and reliability with each use.

This product offers remarkable results in a short time and is available in different presentations, including a kit with 4 syringes of 3 milliliters each and a kit that combines 2 syringes of K-Bleach 16% with 1 syringe of high-viscosity K-Desens 5% Desensitizing Gel, ideal for relieving dental hypersensitivity.


The presented clinical case demonstrates the effectiveness of home dental whitening with the K-Bleach 16% product. With minimal complications and without invasive procedures, the dental aesthetics of the patient were satisfactorily improved. Continuation of post-treatment recommendations will be essential to maintain long-term results and ensure a radiant and healthy smile.


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