In the field of dentistry, constant efforts are made to seek innovative advances and technologies that improve dental health and provide effective solutions for issues like dental sensitivity, cavities, and enamel loss. 

One of the key components that has shown a significant impact on these aspects is hydroxyapatite (also known by its chemical formula HA)

In this blog article, we will explore what hydroxyapatite is exactly and why we use this mineral in many of our dental treatments to strengthen and protect teeth. 


Hydroxyapatite is a natural mineral present in teeth and bones. It is a crystalline form of calcium phosphate that provides the structure and strength required for dental and bone tissues. 

Its chemical composition and similarity to dental enamel make it highly beneficial for oral care. 

enguaje bucal antibacteriano hydroxyapatite
The antibacterial mouthwash is designed to reduce cavities and periodontal bacteria.


At Kiyomi Dental, we have innovatively incorporated (HA) into our ApaCare products to provide advanced and effective solutions in dental care. 

ApaCare Remineralizing Toothpaste: This remineralizing toothpaste uses a unique formula that combines medical-grade hydroxyapatite with sodium fluoride. This synergistic combination strengthens and protects teeth against dental caries while adhering to and embedding into the tooth surface during daily brushing. It is especially suitable for individuals with a high tendency for cavities and sensitive teeth.

ApaCare Liquid: The antibacterial mouthwash ApaCare Liquid, with its medical-grade hydroxyapatite content, offers deep cleaning and helps reduce periodontal bacteria. In addition to protecting against cavities and gum disease, it leaves teeth smooth and shiny without causing irritation as it is alcohol-free. 

ApaCare Repair: This intensive repair gel enriched with medical-grade hydroxyapatite offers dental repair, desensitization, and whitening. Hydroxyapatite adheres to the tooth’s surface, forming a protective layer that helps reduce dental sensitivity, repair incipient cavities, and provide a whiter and brighter appearance. 

ApaCare Professional: The ApaCare Professional polishing paste, formulated with medical-grade hydroxyapatite and sodium fluoride, is ideal for professional dental hygiene. Its cleaning strength and high PCR ensure effective plaque and stain removal, leaving teeth smooth and pleasant to the touch. 

ApaCare Desensitizing Varnish: This natural adhesive varnish contains 20% medical-grade hydroxyapatite, which protects and strengthens teeth. 


There is no doubt that the incorporation of hydroxyapatite into Kiyomi Dental’s ApaCare products has opened up new possibilities in the field of oral care and the prevention of dental diseases. 

These innovative products, harnessing the beneficial properties of (HA), offer effective solutions for dental sensitivity, remineralization of incipient cavities, and protection against plaque and bacteria. 

Backed by science and Kiyomi Dental’s experience, ApaCare products have become indispensable allies in maintaining a healthy and radiant smile. 

If you are also considering incorporating the power of ApaCare into your daily practice, our product specialist team will provide guidance without obligation.    

Contact our product specialist team by emailing us at or calling our customer service number at 984 491 808. 

pasta de dientes sensibles
It is highly effective in strengthening and protecting the teeth against dental cavities.