Kiyomi Dental’s K-Bond+ Universal dental adhesive is the perfect blend of advanced technology and ease of use. Meticulously designed to provide reliable and long-lasting adhesion, this product represents the convergence of scientific innovation with practicality in the field of aesthetic dentistry, ensuring maximum functionality and flawless aesthetic finish. 

Its formula contains potentiated MDP, a component that enhances its power by providing both micromechanical and chemical varieties. 

Adhesion is a crucial process in dentistry that allows the secure and durable bonding of dental materials. There are different types of adhesion used in various clinical situations. 

In this blog article, we will explore the main types of adhesion and provide detailed information about the features and applications of K-Bond+ Universal by Kiyomi Dental. 


Micromechanical adhesion is one of the most common methods used in dentistry. It involves creating a microscopic structure on the tooth’s surface, providing a retention area for the material. 

This type is achieved by applying acids and then applying an adhesive that interposes between the dental structure and the restorative material. It is widely used in direct restorations with composites and also in ceramic and composite repairs. 

Another type is chemical, which involves molecular interaction between the adhesive and the tooth’s surface. This is achieved using adhesives containing monomers that chemically react with the components of the dental structure. 

Chemical adhesion provides a strong and durable bond and is particularly useful in situations where the dental structure is less retentive, such as in the adhesive cementation of intra-radicular posts, crowns, onlays, inlays, veneers, ceramics, resin, or metal. 


Kiyomi Dental’s K-Bond+ Universal adhesive is an example of a light-curable system that combines both micromechanical and chemical variations. It is specifically used for surfaces such as enamel and dentin. 

Its formula contains potentiated MDP, a component that enhances its power by providing both micromechanical and chemical adhesion. This combination of elements ensures a strong and solid bond, ensuring longer-lasting results for dental restorations. 

K-Bond+ Universal is versatile in its use, as it can be applied in different etching techniques, such as self-etch, selective etch, or total etch, depending on clinical needs. It is also compatible with dual-cure, self-cure, or light-cure cements, allowing its use in a wide range of restorative and cementation procedures. 


This product also stands out for its ability to respect the patient’s dental aesthetics, as it does not cause color alterations in the dental structure. Furthermore, its balanced formulation of solvents and monomers ensures optimal affinity on wet and demineralized dentin surfaces. It is nearly impossible to visually detect its use. 

In summary, adhesion is an essential process in dentistry, and different types are used in various clinical situations. Kiyomi Dental’s K-Bond+ Universal adhesive is a reliable and effective option, capable of achieving the most aesthetic and long-lasting results in dental practice. 

If you are considering incorporating K-Bond+ Universal into your daily work, our product specialist team is available to provide you with guidance and answer all your questions. 

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