In the field of Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, having high-quality and high-performance materials is crucial for achieving precise and durable results. At Kiyomi Dental, we have developed an innovative line of composites that make Aesthetic Dentistry accessible and easy for everyone. 

In this blog article, we will explore the different types of composites and how they can enhance your dental restorations. 


ASTER is Kiyomi Dental’s microhybrid composite resin designed for direct and indirect restorations of anterior and posterior teeth. 

Its innovative silanization process provides the ideal consistency for modeling and reconstructing the tooth’s anatomy naturally. With a color guide based on the VITAPAN® Classical scale, the results achieved with ASTER are faithful to the patient’s original anatomy. 

ASTER’s outstanding mechanical properties allow for easy sculpting and extended longevity of restorations. Furthermore, its opalescence and fluorescence closely resemble natural teeth, providing exceptional aesthetic results. 

ASTER is especially used in anterior and posterior tooth restorations, direct composite veneers, diastema reduction, color correction, and restorations in deciduous teeth, among other applications. 

Comfort and ergonomics are also considered in ASTER‘s design. The Flip-Top cap allows for easy one-handed operation and features a secure seal to preserve the resin between uses.

Additionally, the anatomical design of the syringe body fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, providing an ergonomic experience.

jeringa aster flow composite fluido resina dental fluida
It does not drip and possesses excellent rheological and thixotropic properties.


ASTER FLOW is a flowable composite resin from Kiyomi Dental with a 72% filler content. This medium-viscosity, light-curable microhybrid resin is ideal for minimally invasive restorations, as it reduces microfractures caused by chewing forces. 

ASTER FLOW can be used alone or in combination with other light-curable composites like ASTER. 

With its high filler content of 72%, ASTER FLOW offers excellent strength and durability. It is particularly suitable for minimally invasive restorations, tunnel preparations, base material for various restorations, wall leveling, enamel defect repair, composite resins, temporary tooth restorations, Class III and V restorations, as well as non-carious cervical lesions. 

One of ASTER FLOW‘s standout features is its low shrinkage, similar to conventional composite resins. This allows it to be combined with other light-curable composites like ASTER or even other brands on the market, expanding its application possibilities and adaptability to specific case needs. 

Additionally, ASTER FLOW exhibits excellent rheological and thixotropic properties, preventing it from flowing during the procedure and providing greater control for the dentist. 


At Kiyomi Dental, Aesthetic Dentistry is simplified and made accessible to everyone through innovative and high-quality products. 

Meticulous attention to dental anatomy, outstanding mechanical properties, ergonomic comfort, and the ability to combine with other composites are just a few of the advantages that make Kiyomi Dental’s composites stand out in the Aesthetic Dentistry market. 

If you’re considering incorporating these composites into your daily practice, our product specialists are available to provide guidance without obligation. 

Contact our product specialists by emailing us at or calling our customer service number at 984 491 808. 

jeringa resina compuesta para diastemas y dientes deciduos
Easy-to-handle lid, it can be opened single-handedly.