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At Kiyomi Dental, we stand out for offering comprehensive dental aesthetic services, backed by years of experience and an unwavering commitment to innovation.

We are a passionate team dedicated to providing reliable and cutting-edge solutions to meet our clients’ most demanding needs. From teeth whitening treatments to advanced restoration procedures, we are here to Brighten Smiles.

In this article, we invite you to immerse yourself in our world, where you will discover what sets us apart and what you can expect when choosing Kiyomi Dental as your ally in dental care:


At Kiyomi Dental, we stand out for our range of teeth whitening products, designed for both professional in-clinic treatments and at-home applications. Our K-Bleach 35% and our latest release, K-Bleach 16%, are both renowned for their efficacy and safety.

In addition, we offer a selection of high-quality composites, cements, microabrasives, and dental adhesives, with our K-Bond+ Universal being a reliable and versatile solution for demanding professionals.

We also proudly present our smart curing light, KIRA, designed to provide precise and consistent results in every treatment.

K-Bleach 35%: This is an in-clinic teeth whitening kit containing 35% hydrogen peroxide. It provides significant whitening in just 15 minutes, suitable for both vital and non-vital teeth. Ideal for patients seeking fast and effective results, it can be used up to 3 times in a single session, with a maximum of 15 minutes per application.

K-Bleach 16%: This is an at-home teeth whitening treatment using 16% carbamide peroxide, designed to be used under a dentist’s supervision. It delivers notable whitening results from the comfort of home while reducing tooth sensitivity due to its neutral pH formula. Suitable for moderate to severe cases of tooth discoloration, its high viscosity and ease of use make it ideal for prolonging whitening effects over time.

K-Bond+ Universal: This is a light-curing adhesive system for enamel and dentin, enhanced with MDP for long-lasting adhesion. It is used in direct and indirect restorations with composites, cementation of dental prosthetics, and adhesive repairs of ceramics and composite resins. It is ideal for various types of dental restorations and compatible with a wide range of cements. Its colorless appearance ensures a final aesthetic result without interference.

KIRA: This is a precise and durable curing light for dental procedures. It allows for deep and uniform polymerization of dental materials. It is essential in conservative treatment and dental diagnosis, as well as for removing post-orthodontic material and excess cement during cementation.


At Kiyomi Dental, we believe in the importance of continuous education as a cornerstone for providing quality service to our clients. That’s why we collaborate with the country’s leading universities and dental esthetics learning centers to offer accessible and high-quality knowledge.

We provide courses and colloquiums on exciting topics in the field of dentistry, led by renowned speakers and opinion leaders in the sector.

Our goal is to equip professionals with the most advanced tools and techniques so they can maximize their potential and provide the best care to their patients.


We are part of the IPG Dental Group, which enables us to offer our clients the best customized products and services, backed by a specialized commercial network committed to customer satisfaction.

In summary, at Kiyomi Dental, we brighten smiles. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and continuous education makes us your trusted brand in aesthetic dentistry.

Join us!

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