Everything you need to know about KIRA

Lámpara de polimerización: todo lo que debes saber sobre KIRA

The KIRA polymerization lamp by Kiyomi Dental stands out as an exceptional tool, designed to ensure safe results in every photopolymerization session. Currently, we understand that many failures in this process can originate from deficiencies in power (measured in mW/cm²) and/or in the spectrum of light emitted by the LED photoactivation units, measured in nanometers (nm).

In this blog, we will explain why our KIRA lamp is so special and why it is an essential equipment in your practice.

What makes it so special?

Let’s take a closer look at the outstanding features of the KIRA polymerization lamp:

  • Unique DETECTION mode, perfect for fluorescent materials and more.
  • Optimal collimation, providing deep and uniform polymerization thanks to its head and lens design driven by smart chip technology.
  • 4 LEDs (3 blue LEDs and 1 violet LED) ensure the polymerization of all photoactivators on the market.
  • 360º effectiveness and flat head.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Ambidextrous mode.

Polymerization Lamp: Ergonomic and Compact Design

Its ergonomic and compact design allows easy access to any area of the mouth, ensuring that the light beam gets as close as possible to the photoactivation area. This results in greater polymerization depth of the materials, ensuring optimal and safe results with every application. 

Multiple Curing Options

The KIRA polymerization lamp features six available operating modes, allowing you to select the appropriate curing option for each situation:

  • M0, M1, and M2 Modes: These modes enable you to adjust the light intensity between 1,000 mW/cm², 1,500 mW/cm², or 2,300 mW/cm², offering high power along with a wide spectrum of light wavelengths ranging from 385 to 515 nm.
  • Ramp Mode: This mode gradually increases the light intensity during the first 5 seconds and then maintains it constant, emitting a sound every 5 seconds.
  • Pulse Mode: It emits a light intensity that flashes once per second and emits a sound every 5 seconds.
  • Detection Mode: Ideal for observing fluorescent materials and evaluating the depth of lesions, caries, and more.
  • Exclusive KIRA Mode: Perfect for observing restorative materials (fluorescent), fissures, tartar, caries, and other specific applications.

Smart Technology

The KIRA lamp features an intelligent control chip that ensures uniform and precise curing. Additionally, its 360° head emits light from 4 powerful LEDs (3 blue and 1 ultraviolet) with wavelengths ranging from 385 to 515 nm, ensuring broad coverage for your patients regardless of the material’s photoactivator you use.

Comfort and Versatility in a Wireless Polymerization Lamp

KIRA is an excellent choice for those seeking the convenience of a wireless device. Its battery has a long lifespan, providing enough power for your most demanding treatments.

In summary, the KIRA polymerization lamp from Kiyomi Dental is the perfect solution for your daily practice. With its innovative design, advanced technology, and versatility in usage modes, it offers safe light activation results in every treatment. 

Available at the IPG Dental eCommerce platform

You’ll find it exclusively at IPG Dental, a specialized depot for aesthetic and restorative dentistry products.

The KIRA polymerization lamp from Kiyomi Dental comes with everything you need for effective and convenient use. With each purchase, you’ll receive a light source head, an orange filter, disposable sleeves, a lightweight and ergonomic handpiece, an adapter, and a charging base.

These accessories ensure a complete and comfortable experience for the dental professional, guaranteeing optimal results in every treatment from day one.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact the Kiyomi team by emailing us at hola@kiyomidental.com or calling us at (+34) 984 491 808.