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At Kiyomi Dental, we offer two advanced options for teeth whitening: K-BLEACH 35% for clinical use and K-BLEACH 16% Home for supervised at-home use. These products are designed to deliver exceptional results while ensuring maximum safety and comfort.

K-BLEACH 35%: Professional In-Clinic Whitening

What is K-BLEACH 35%?

K-BLEACH 35% is a premium dental whitening product designed to be administered by professionals in the clinic. With a 35% hydrogen peroxide concentration, this system guarantees visible results in just 15 minutes per session.

What’s included?

Each K-BLEACH 35% kit contains:

  • 35% H2O2 bottle and thickener for precise mixing.
  • Heat blocker to prevent thermal changes in the tooth.
  • Neutralizing solution ideal for preventing accidents during treatment.
  • Complementary tools such as a spatula, gel preparation tray, and K-DAM syringe gingival barrier.

Key benefits:

  • Efficiency: quick gel preparation with excellent viscosity.
  • Advanced Safety: heat-blocking technology to avoid thermal damage.
  • Sustainable Economy: up to 18 applications per kit, minimizing waste and maximizing profitability.

K-BLEACH 16% Home: Convenient and Effective At-Home Whitening

What is K-BLEACH 16% Home?

K-BLEACH 16% Home offers a teeth whitening solution for at-home use under a dentist’s supervision. Formulated with 16% carbamide peroxide, this system provides noticeable and luminous results with each treatment.

What’s included?

This product is available in two presentations:

  • Kit with 4 syringes of 3 ml each for a complete at-home treatment.
  • Kit with 2 syringes of K-Bleach 16% Home and 1 syringe of K-Desens 5% desensitizing gel to control dental hypersensitivity before, during, or after the treatment.

Features and advantages:

  • Effective Results: Noticeable whitening from the comfort of home, supervised by a professional.
  • Neutral pH Formula: Reduces the likelihood of dental hypersensitivity, ideal for moderate to severe cases.
  • Easy Application: High-viscosity gel that stays in the tray without running.
  • Durability: Prolongs whitening effects for a brighter smile longer.

At Kiyomi Dental, our priority is to offer teeth whitening products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Whether you prefer a quick in-clinic treatment or a convenient method for your patients to use at home, our whitening solutions are designed to meet your most demanding needs.

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