Discover in this article the main benefits of applying dental whitening in your clinic and the advantages offered by K-Bleach teeth whitening treatments.

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There has been a growing demand for cosmetic treatments in recent years due to patients’ desire to enhance their appearance. There is increased social awareness of taking care of oneself both inside and out, resulting in more visits to dental clinics with the aim of improving one’s smile.

Its popularity has spread to such an extent that there are many options available on the market, although not all of them offer the guarantees and results expected.

In this context, treatment customization or clinical advice are determining factors when a patient decides on one treatment or another. That’s why, at Kiyomi, we have a complete line of teeth whitening products that offer a wide range of aesthetic solutions.

Benefits of Kiyomi’s clinical and at-home teeth whitening treatments

Teeth whitening, both those performed in clinics and those for home use, offer long-lasting results, increasing the patient’s confidence and self-esteem.

The main benefits of applying teeth whitening are:

  • The cosmetic improvement is the most obvious advantage of teeth whitening. It removes stains and discolorations, restoring the patient’s confidence in their smile.
  • The results are usually noticeable in a very short time. The patient enjoys a whiter smile, almost from the beginning of the treatment.
  • Customization is another of the main benefits of teeth whitening treatments. The dentist can tailor the treatment based on each patient’s needs, taking into account factors as important as dental sensitivity. This guarantees a satisfactory result for the patient and minimizes side effects.
  • The effect of teeth whitening usually lasts over time if the patient is advised to follow basic care habits.

Additionally, in the case of teeth whitening treatments applied in clinics, supervised by dentists, they guarantee a more effective and safer procedure.

Get to know the K-Bleach teeth whitening family

Teeth whitening treatments, both those performed in clinics and those for home use, offer long-lasting results, increasing the confidence and self-esteem of the patient.

Kiyomi offers a complete catalog of teeth whitening under the K-Bleach line, which provides a wide range of solutions to enhance aesthetics.

K-Bleach 16% is Kiyomi’s at-home teeth whitening based on carbamide peroxide for home treatment under the supervision of a dentist. This whitening kit has a neutral pH formula to decrease the likelihood of dental hypersensitivity, so its use is especially recommended for moderate and severe cases. It comes in high-capacity syringes with 3 ml of high-viscosity gel, which does not drip, and its tip is easy to handle during gel transfer to the tray. Its closure cap allows for storage without leaks.

K-Bleach 35% is Kiyomi’s clinical teeth whitening for vital and non-vital teeth that offers great results in the first session of just 15 minutes.

Its formula contains 35% hydrogen peroxide, as well as potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride to reduce dental hypersensitivity. It is marketed in two bottles, peroxide and thickener, to avoid unnecessary product waste and apply only the necessary amount in each application.

Another advantage of K-Bleach 35% is that it includes a heat inhibitor, does not dehydrate, so it can be used with or without an external source without risking damaging the tooth.

If it is necessary to remove deeper stains before whitening, there is K-Bleach RM. This microabrasive based on hydrochloric acid and SiC removes enamel stains in a controlled and painless manner. It is especially indicated for stains due to fluorosis, hypomineralizations, pigments, and inactive white spots of caries. K-Bleach RM offers results that resemble the original appearance of the tooth.

The gingival barrier K-Dam by Kiyomi is an accessory product for clinic treatments, especially indicated for total or partial gum isolation. Its application is direct and very easy to remove.

To learn more details about the benefits of its use, we invite you to click on the article 5 reasons why you should use K-DAM as a gingival barrier.

In conclusion, Kiyomi offers a range of teeth whitening products that allow the dentist to apply combined techniques tailored to each treatment and patient.

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